Our thoughts and impressions about Horakuan

パティスリー ヒラノ、飯山市

飯山の中心地にあるパティスリー ヒラノはワイドバラエティーのケーキセレクションで有名です。


住所:飯山市飯山2228-3    TEL: 0269-62-2316       営業時間: 9:00~19:00      定休日: 毎週 水曜日         HP:



豊丘小学校 - 禅修行体験


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Work at Horakuan

Recently work to improve the entrance area at Horakuan has been completed. The latest additions were new entrance doors and the replacing of the stones.

To keep the garden beautiful, constant weeding is necessary. I’m grateful for any help, please let me know!

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One month at Horakuan

A long and winding road, literally and figuratively, brought us to Horakuan during a hot summer.   As a couple, we both knew we wanted to experience the peace that is rural Japan and nurture our burgeoning interest in Zen.

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Toyooka Elementary School Students Visit Horakuan for Zen Training

On August 9, 2012, Horakuan welcomed 14 Toyooka Elementary School students to learn about Zen Buddhism. The students received a lesson in zazen, chanted sutra, participated in nembutsu (passing prayer beads), copied an image of the Buddha and created an omamori (lucky charm) from their drawings. They listened patiently to a Zen story and learned Zen temple table manners. Two fifth graders acted as our priests for the morning, and led us in sutra chanting. We thank the Toyooka students for visiting us, and hope to see you next year!

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One month at Horakuan (July 2012)

To experience local life and get some experiences beside the tourist tracks is one of the things I enjoy most about traveling during my 365 days of summer.  I was very happy when I found a nice place in Suzaka, close to the former Olympic city of Nagano.

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