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GPS Directions

Japan, 〒382-0022 Nagano-ken, Suzaka-shi, Toyooka Kanmachi 1937; Horakuan  (豊楽庵)
Latitude: 36.634357 | Longitude: 138.365357

By Train

To get to Horakuan by railway first you need to reach Tokyo Central Station from Narita International Airport. Let’s get started!

N’EX (Narita Express)

This is the only direct train to Tokyo Central Station. It takes about 60 min with no transfers. All seats are reserved. These trains depart every 30 mins. It’s the easiest way to get Tokyo station on train. N’EX is covered by JR East Pass and JR Rail Pass (See the “How To Use Rail Passes” section for more information how to use it), so if you plan to buy one of these passes you don’t need to pay anything.

Tokyo Central Station:

tokyo_station_map1aWhen you get to Central Station you need to reach 1st floor where Shinkansen Trains are. Take the elevator or escalator to reach 1st floor. Look for the sign “Nagano Shinkansen” and check times and platform number on the displays. Buy a reserved ticket from JR Travel Service Center. (This train is also covered by JR East Pass and JR Rail Pass, if you have one of them you don’t need to pay anything, just pass through the manned gate and show your pass) and head to the platform of Nagano Shinkansen. Check your car number, there are car numbers printed on the floor, wait there for your Shinkansen. Don’t forget to check displays frequently, Tokyo station is very busy and there are lots of trains going in and out, they are so accurate in terms of time so you need to be on the right platform at the right time.

Nagano Station:

When you reach Nagano Station exit from JR ticket gates (again if you have a pass you’ll go through the manned gate and show your pass). To reach Suzaka you need to use another railway company which is “Nagano Electric Railway” (also called Nagano Dentetsu). First leave the JR Station, look for the signs for “Nagano Electric Railway” (It’ll be on your right hand side as soon as you exit JR East ticket gates).  Go down two escalators and it’ll take you to the waiting lounge and ticket gates of Nagano Dentetsu. Now you can’t use your JR East Pass or JR Rail Pass here because it’s a private railway company. Every train stops in Suzaka.

From Suzaka station

Take the bus Y40 from bus stop No. 1 in front of Suzaka station. It leaves 11:30, 13:30, 15:30 only (no buses on Sundays and holidays!). (On days without bus service, pick up from Suzaka station will be arranged.)

Ride the bus until the final stop Toyooka Kanmachi. It takes about 20-25 minutes. Pick up will be at the final stop if arranged beforehand.

If you take a taxi, show the driver the address (HORAKUAN, Toyooka Kanmachi 1937, best in Japanese: 豊樂庵、豊丘上町1937). The taxi fare will be around 3000 Yen!

How To Use JR East Pass & JR Rail Pass

Here are the links for JR passes, you can find detailed information on:

By Bus

See Information here for the Willer Express . Cheap countrywide highway buses.

For a bus pass refer to this.

By Car

  • From Joetsu Jidoshado (上信越自動車道) get off at Suzaka Nagano Higashi IC (須坂・長野東IC)
  • After you leave the IC, turn right at the traffic light Kotaka-cho (幸高町).
  • Follow the road until the traffic light Kami-Hacho (上八町) and turn left.
  • Follow the road until the traffic light Minami Haramachi (南原町) and turn right.
  • Go straight on at the traffic light Minami Haramachi Higashi (南原町東) and follow the road further.
  • You will pass Toyooka Elementary School (市立豊丘小学校) on your right. From there please refer to the red arrows on the enlarged map which shows when you click the green circle.

Onward Air Travel

For onward air travel you find helpful information here

Different Way of Travel?